Scoutrix: The Future of Sport Coaching is Here

Scoutrix is an incredibly user-friendly sports organization management tool. Focused on basketball, our platform assists in the collection, presentation, and analysis of data across all relevant organizational levels. By incorporating state-of-the-art AI video-based analysis and predictions, we provide insights at every level—from rebound grading to nutritional habits. Our mission is to empower coaches with deep data to nurture future stars.


All player data is in the palm of your hand, with the built-in ability to grade performance in innovative ways: simply by commenting on game videos. Real-time is the key: the system alerts you when attention is needed and predicts future coaching challenges well in advance.


A simple, trendy app allows players to record their activities and other life habits, such as sleeping or eating.
With AI-assisted guidance from their coaches, players benefit from a more effective and, crucially, efficient professional dialogue.


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Eli Swed

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